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My older sister and I worked on our Dresdan Zoo Baby Quilt for our niece, on Saturday morning. We have been making steady progress on this quilt for several months. The quilt is a collaboration between my two sisters and I for our great-niece Isabella, born in January. She is our oldest brother’s second grandchild and we collaborated on a quilt for the first grandchild last year.

Each month, we plan a sister’s sewing day, which I have began blogging about HERE. This month, we only had a morning to work on a project, so we used it to stitch the Dresdan blocks together. Since the points on the Dresdan blocks touched and did not match up well, we decided to add a 2-inch sashing strip between the blocks. A border of the purple stripe fabric is the next addition, along with white corner squares. Then, on to the FMQ that my youngest sister should complete. She’s the expert quilter of the three of us.

Dresdan Zoo Quilt

Dresdan Zoo Quilt

Here is a closeup of the center Alligator block.

Dresdan Alligator Block

Dresdan Alligator Block

Finally, here is a peek at the border fabric lying next to the quilt.

Zoo Quilt Border Fabric View

Zoo Quilt Border Fabric View

Do you get together regularly with someone to quilt? I participate in lots of quilt groups. But, I enjoy my sewing with my two sisters the most.

Happy Stitching!


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  4. What a fun quilt! And even better, when sewn with family/friends. I get together once a month with a close friend to sew. I teach her paper piecing and she teaches me a little garment/embroidery machine sewing.

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