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Christmas Projects

Oh how I wish that I had more time for sewing and quilting. At this time of year, I begin to feel overwhelmed by the projects I planned to make and the time left to complete them. Blogging has taken a back seat to my sewing machine. Besides Christmas projects, I have two bridal gifts to complete and the regular guild projects to which I have committed myself. Besides all that, I accomplished no sewing during the work week because of other commitments that sprang up.

I was able to finish a string pieced pillow for my niece last week-end. She is getting married in December and her bridal shower is on  Black Friday. She loves the color purple and feathers. I pulled a great fabric from my stash for the backing that has purple feathers all over it. I pulled out all my leftover strips, sorting out the purple ones. Using 5-inch muslin squares, I stitched and flipped to cover the muslin square, mixing up the dark, medium and light strips. The blocks were trimmed to 4-1/2 inches and sixteen of them were stitched together to make a pillow front. I prepared a backing with a zipper and popped a pillow form inside. Love how this turned out so much, that I have abandoned another pillow project  I had started for a co-worker and plan to make another one of these for her. She just go married last week-end.

String pieced Pillow

String pieced pillow

I continue to work on Christmas projects, with so many to complete some will likely not be finished. Namely, my Advent Calendars have so much left to complete that I do not sense that they will be ready by Saturday. I finished a couple more of the wool ornaments the week before last, as well as, one today. I plan to stitch together the quilt trees on Friday, when my sisters and I get together for a sewing day. The mitten and pear ornaments are my favorite thus far. The snowflake turned out better than I thought that it would, after the wrong placement of colors. The vintage pearl buttons add a nice touch.


Wool Mitten Ornament


Wool Pear Ornament


Wool Snowflake Ornament

I am still working on making vintage aprons that will be gifts for co-workers. Today, I spent time cutting out fabric for three more of them. But, rather than talk about them, I really need to get back to the sewing room and do some stitching. Every minute counts when time is short.

Happy Stitching!


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