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Prayer Cloths

I have been stitching together patchwork prayer cloths. My sister is preparing for a mission trip to Haiti. While there, her group will be visiting a hospital to pray for the infirmed. The group would like to leave a momento with those they pray for, to remind them of the prayers offered on their behalf. When my sister brought this to my attention, I immediately thought that I could certainly assist her by making several of the prayer cloths.

I had heard of prayer cloths before, but had not seen one let alone made one. I had recently read a blog post about prayer flags and thought that they might be similar. I googled prayer flag and determined that they were distinctly different and googled prayer cloth instead. It turned up several crocheted and stitched patterns.

I chose to follow a simple pattern using four inch squares in a checkerboard pattern. I pulled some leftover charms from a pack used to make a baby quilt. Since the charms were five inches, I strip pieced them into 4-patches, then put them together into a checker board pattern. My initial attempts included thin batting in the center, however, the stiffness of the cloth was something that deterred from the idea of a cloth one could easily carry around with them.

Quilted Prayer Cloth with Cross Pin

Quilted Prayer Cloth with Cross Pin

So, I made another cloth without batting and it proved to be more acceptable. I also chose to use the “birthing” process for attaching the backing, rather than adding an actual binding. I still added stitching to hold the layers of fabric together.

Various Stitched Prayer Cloths

Various Stitched Prayer Cloths

After I use up the charm pack, I plan to use up some orphan blocks and leftover patches from previous projects. I probably will make some that are just plain fabric, as well. These will likely just have a rolled edge hem, like making a cloth napkin. I really like the cheery fabrics and feel that they will bring joy to those that receive them. As indicated on the pattern instructions, I prayed over the cloths as I stitched them together. I have also pressed them using a lavender scented spray starch.

Pray that my sister’s mission trip to Haiti will bring encouragement and healing to those they come into contact. You can also check out the trip on Facebook HERE.



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