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Nine Patch Baby Quilt

I finished another baby quilt.  This seems to be my forte.  Thinking about it, a baby quilt is what got me started in quilting.  And I’ve made more baby quilts than any other quilted project over the last 30+ years as a quilter.  This particular quilt is for my nephew and wife, who are expecting their first child.

As quilts go, I like the scrappy ones a lot.  This one is made from several 9-patch blocks I’ve made while working on other quilt projects.  I will take scraps from projects, such as jelly roll strips or other small pieces, and cut them into 2-1/2 inch squares.  Then, I use lights and darks to make a 9-patch block.  These are usually sewn together as beginners and enders while sewing other projects.

Nine Patch Baby Quilt

I also received several 9-patch blocks as a gift from guild members when I completed two terms as the guild president.  From this collection of nine patches, I selected several with children’s prints and flower designs.  I chose a yellow dot fabric to make alternating blocks in the center of the quilt.  Nine patches surround the center like a border.  You may notice that the blocks alternate with five dark patches in the outside corners and center patch with blocks that have four dark patches in the opposite locations.

9 patch lower right

I completed all the machine quilting on my Bernina.  The yellow dot blocks were quilted first with a meander.  The nine patches are quilted in the dark patches by stitching a curve from corner to corner.  By alternating the blocks, I was able to complete the quilting in a continuous motion from block to block.  The design also created a circle around the light patches.

9 patch upper corner

More quilting.  I really enjoyed making this quilt.  And, I found out yesterday that I have a niece that is expecting her first child.  So, I’ll have to add another baby quilt to my projects for the year.

I wasn’t away so long this time and have been steadily progressing on other projects that I hope to write about.  Next up, a wedding quilt for another niece.  I’m also following The Splendid Sampler.  Have you joined?  Some pics of those blocks may show up here, as well.

Until next time…happy stitching!



I recently read a comment by a blogger that said, “I’m a quilter that blogs, not a blogger that quilts”.  I wholeheartedly agree.  And, for several months, I have been quilting and not blogging.

I found myself at my blog site today and decided to write a few words and post a few pictures of quilts that I have finished over the last 6-7 months.


Galaxy, my NQA 2014 Block of the Month, was finished in time to display at my local quilt guild show in September 2015.  Some of you may know that the NQA has dissolved it’s organization.  I received a final member letter December 29, 2015, outlining some of the final steps taken by the board.  It is sad to see the organization go, but not surprising.


Medallion is my entry into the Circa 1825 quilt challenge for the American Quilt Study Group.  I finished the quilt in July and it was displayed at the annual Seminar in September 2015.

Sugar & Spice Quilt finished

Sugar & Spice is a queen size quilt I began last summer and finished just before Thanksgiving.  It is a pattern from Joan Ford‘s book Cut the Scraps and uses her Scraptherapy method.  The quilt was finished for my niece and her new husband, who were married in October 2015.

I also finished have finishes for projects that I did not photograph, but some of you may have followed the progress on my blog.  I completed two Feather Tree Advent calendars for each of my daughters to have for my grandchildren.  I was so determined to finish them to be used in December, that I neglected to take photographs of the finished feather tree quilt with all the wool ornaments attached.  You can look back at several blog posts about the wool ornaments, here, here, here, here, and here, that I made throughout 2013 & 2014.

I also completed two Christmas table toppers from my Groovy Girls Club days with my two sisters.  I spent November and part of December machine quilting both of the Advent calendars and table toppers.  And finally, I finished the binding on my second Dotty Quilt…finally.  I sent the quilt out to the long-armer in January last year.  I attached the binding, but never completed hand stitching it down until New Year’s Eve.  I decided that I wouldn’t move on to another project until the binding was finished.  As I think about it, the quilt really isn’t finished, because I still need to add the label.

I am on to other projects.  I always set quilting goals for the year.  Some are new and others are UFO’s and WIPs.  Maybe I’ll find the time to come back here and let you know about them.  Hopefully, I won’t be away for so long this time.

Happy Stitching!

Planning a Baby Quilt

I am having a  creative moment tonight, thinking up ideas for quilts that I need to make for gifts. Not that I don’t already have too many quilt projects on my plate that I need to begin another one. I really should just spend the money on a gift. Right now, though, I’m just thinking about it, so I haven’t committed to anything.

I am in the process of finishing a baby quilt for my niece, but have a nephew that had a baby earlier in the summer that did not receive a quilt gift. I had surgery back in March and was unable to sew for several months. Actually, I haven’t sewn a stitch on my Bernina for more than four months, and I am beginning to get antsy about it. I need to stitch something. So, tonight, I got to thinking about making a simple quilt – a modern quilt – that I could make for him & his wife. I did a quick Google search and came up with two ideas. The first idea is made with charm squares, which I can easily cut from fabrics I have on hand.

Charm Square Baby Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

Charm Square Baby Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

I’m also considering the a disappearing nine-patch pattern that is simple enough to make and could be scrappy using any number of fabrics that I already have.

Spring Baby Quilt by Kristy@Bonjour

Spring Baby Quilt by Kristy@Bonjour

I’ll just have to finish that other baby quilt this week-end, so that I can get this one started. As for that other quilt gift idea; that’ll have to wait for another post.


Emma, Postively Charmed

My oldest grandchild just turned four. I made a pink Drunkard’s Path design as her baby quilt. I purchased pink fat quarters everytime I went into a fabric shop, until I had enough to make the scrappy quilt. The border has hearts and flowers machine appliqued around the border. The pattern, called Positively Charmed by Jan Bretzel, was published in baby Quilts published by Fon’s & Porter’s Love of Quilting – Winter 2008. Here is a picture of the quilt, displayed at a local quilt show back in 2009.

Emma's Baby Quilt

Now that she is older, I need to make her a larger quilt that fits her personality. I have already picked out the pattern, Techno Pets designed by Janet A. Maurer. The quilt is a colorful block design with seven fused applique baby animals. The fabrics are all selected and just waiting for me to begin. It’s just taking the time to make the quilt, with so many other projects in the works. I decided that I would make the quilt by the time she was five years old. I guess that gives me another year to do the project.

Keep an eye out for this project to begin.

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