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A Day Late & a Dollar Short

If you read The Free Dictionary, my title indicates being “late and ill-prepared”, while says “inadequate; overdue and lacking; too little too late”. Historically Speaking explains “that action taken was taken late and is of no use. An opportunity has not only been missed, but if it had been snagged, it would have been to no avail as there was inadequate preparations made that would have resulted in a favorable outcome.”

I don’t know that my blog post meets all those definitions, but I am a day late in making my weekly post on my quilting project progress.  Hopefully, when I am finished, you won’t agree that I am also “a dollar short”.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned attending a week-end event with my sister at my LQS.  I purchased a package of double gauze fabric to make a swaddling blanket – a quick & easy project only requiring a rolled edge hem after trimming away the selvedges.  The fabric in the package is printed with gray elephants and fits my youngest grandson’s room decor theme.  I also stitched together a baby bib using a foam bib form and a fat quarter with tractors.  The bib is for my other infant grandson who is beginning to eat pureed foods.  The first photo shows the items when I purchased them, while the second has the finished projects.

You may have noticed the picot edged bias tape in the first photo.  This is a new product the LQS ordered at Market.  I plan to make a second bib with one of the fabrics from my elephant walk quilt stash.

I also spent time preparing some of the applique shapes for my Craftsy class project. Currently, I am preparing leaf shapes using freezer paper.  Guild meeting is tomorrow night and I like to have a hand project to take along.  I have more than enough to keep my hands occupied during the program.  I continue considering machine quilting designs to use on my Sew Sweet Simplicity quilt.  I enjoy browsing through the multitude of designs over at The Free Motion Quilting Project by Leah Day.  This always sparks my imagination for machine quilting.  I will likely use some swirls and some pebbles, since those are designs I enjoy quilting and have practiced a lot.

Are you working on a machine quilting project?  What designs are you quilting? Seeing what you are working on may inspire me to make my decisions and get to the quilting.

Until next week…Happy Stitching!


SewBatik Challenge 2014 – H2O

My SewBatik Challenge quilt is shipping out to the National Quilting Association annual quilt show tomorrow morning. H2O is the name I’ve given the quilt. The theme of the show is Going Green! I chose an ocean waves pattern for the design and stitched together four blocks. I did modify the look by placing white triangles in the outside corners of the blocks. These corner blocks have sayings and statistics written on them about water and the effects of using bottled water.

The FMQ was completed over several weeks. I used two quilting designs from The Free Motion Quilting Project by Leah Day. I chose two different patterns on her blog and incorporated them into the quilt. The first design is pebble ripples and is worked into the center of the quilt. I quilted waves in the blue triangles of the HST (half square triangles), making a curve from one corner of the triangle to another. Lastly, I added underwater rocks in each of the white HST sections.

SewBatik Challenge 2014 - H2O

I used four different blue batiks to make the ocean waves blocks. The lower left batik is the challenge fabric. The center fabric is a paisley design called blue green karachi by Modern Quilt Studio. I purchased a packet of fabrics from their booth at the AQS show in Grand Rapids last August. The colors fit perfectly with my design idea and I was able to match four batiks pulled from my stash. I used Aurifil 50 wt. thread for the piecing and quilting. Here is a closeup of the center.

Center of H2O


I found a quote about water that I added to the quilt. It speaks to the necessity of water. The remaining corners have statistics written in them culled from online about the cost of and waste from consuming bottled water. Writing on the quilt proved to be challenging. It can be nerve racking thinking about writing on a quilt. One night, I finally took the leap and calculated the spacing for the words. After the first stokes of the pigma pen, I completed each one until finished. My quilting stretched the edges of the quilt, so that some of the letters were lost when stitching on the binding. But, I am still pleased with the results. I’ve never made a perfect quilt and I am my own worst critic.

Corner of H2O

This quilt will hang at the show in Columbus, Ohio from May 23-25, 2014. It will then travel around the country to various locales as a part of a traveling quilt exhibit. My last entry travelled to seven locations, including Oklahoma, Oregon, Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska, and Nevada.

If you’re in Columbus for the NQA show, check out the SewBatik Challenge display. I am always amazed at the creative ideas that others come up with to make these 20-inch square quilts. Now, I off to place the quilt in a ziploc bag and place tags on everything for shipping.

Happy Stitching!



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