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In my last post, I mentioned that I had completed my April BOM (block of the month). Today, I finally snapped a pic to post. The pattern is Home in Ohio designed by Cyndi McChesney. Cyndi is a certified teacher through the National Quilting Association and this BOM is offered to members through the guild’s website. All the patterns are stars that will form a quilt called Galaxy.

I am using reds from my stash to make the blocks, replacing the blues in the patterns. This particular star pattern is created from three different units and the instructions are written separately for each unit – log cabin variation for center block, four patches in corners, and quarter square triangle patches to make the star points. I made the mistake of stitching each unit together without looking ahead at what fabric would be needed in the next unit. Unfortunately, the last unit needed a 5-1/2″ square of white fabric. Using many different white fat quarters and scraps and cutting each width as a strip, I did not leave a insufficient width of fabric left to cut the square. I could have cut the larger square first and would have had enough fabric to cut out the smaller pieces.


Home in Ohio Star

Anymore, I tend to skim the reading material and look at the illustrations, sometimes missing important information in the pattern. I also work sequentially, so I proceeded through the pattern in the order given. The adage to read a pattern through first really is important. I can say that I did read it when I initially printed the pattern, but should have also read it through a second time before I began. You probably can see, I also should have chosen a few more reds for the pattern to provide more contrast in the design. One of the fabrics in the center log cabin touches itself in the surrounding star units, giving a different look than intended for the block. But I’m not planning on doing an “unsewing” with this quilt.

I still like how the block looks. I continue to mix into the blocks from the six reds I pulled from my stash. This particular block allows you to see the value of each fabric as they are positioned next to the others, so I can see that my dark, medium and light selections show up as designed. I may need to pull a few more pieces from my stash to ensure future blocks maintain the integrity of the design.

In just over a week I will be able to download the next star pattern in this BOM series. Maybe you’re enjoying stitching up a BOM. I’d love to hear about your experience with your project.

Happy Stitching!



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