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I spent my Monday holiday stitching up a child’s quilted backpack. With the entire day off work, I hoped to do some quilting. But, I diverted from this plan to make this backpack, a project I began for my granddaughter more than a year ago. The pattern, fabrics, and notions have been in a box stashed in my sewing room, waiting for me to have the time to make it.

I let my granddaughter pick out the fabrics. She loves kitty cats and had to use some cat fabric from my stash for the pocket. Purple is her favorite color, unless she’s wearing pink, and the butterfly fabric perfectly fit with the cat fabric she picked out. If you look closely at the photo, two of the cats are inside a green bag with purple butterflies. The top of the pack opens and closes with drawstrings that double for shoulder straps. The project stitched together quickly.

Child's Backpack

Child’s Backpack

Some may wonder why I didn’t work on my quilting goal list for 2014. I just didn’t include other sewing projects on the list, but do need to put effort into completing some of those, as well. Quilters sew up bags and sundry items, often for gift-giving. My granddaughter has a birthday next month and this will be included with her other gifts. I had a quilt on my list for her birthday, but that will have to wait until next year. I should have started that project sooner.

Having emptied a box, I now have one less sewing project on my list. Finishing a project in a day is always a motivator. I need to empty more of those boxes, so they don’t end up as one of those Boxes Under the Bed that my children find when cleaning out my house in the future. My ultimate goal is to clean out the sewing room, either stitching up forgotten projects or giving them away. So, look forward to seeing more completions this year.

Happy Stitching!


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