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Last Fall, I purchased an Advent calendar pattern by Kansas Troubles Quilters. A feather Christmas tree is pieced of calicos, then ornaments are hand pieced of wools with embroidery and blanket stitching. Each ornament is attached with a ribbon loop to a button on the tree. You can read my blog about the Marquette County Quilters Guild show where I purchased the pattern.

I plan to make two of the Advent calendars, one for each of my daughter’s to enjoy with my grandchildren. I determined last week-end that I needed to make at least one ornament a weekday, while using the week-ends to sew the quilt top feather tree, if I expected to finish the project by December. Then, I could present the gift to my daughters for my grandchildren to use during this year’s Advent. So, I got right to stitching and finished two each of the first four ornaments – a bird, an acorn, a decorated tree, and an ornament. Here they are…

Wool Bird Ornament

Wool Bird Ornament

Wool Acorn Ornament

Wool Acorn Ornament

Wool Tree Ornament

Wool Tree Ornament

Wool Ornament 1

Wool Ornament 1

The pattern comes with activities to do each day as the ornament is hung onto the Advent calendar. For example, as the bird is hung onto the feather tree, the grandchildren hang a suet cake onto a branch of an outdoor tree for our feathered friends.

I am enjoying making these wool ornaments. Of course, anything I do for my grandchildren is a pleasure. As you can see, I am hand stitching the ornament to the wool backing with a blanket stitch. Handiwork is one of my favorite activities, whether I am doing wool work, redwork, hand applique, embroidery, or beadwork. The projects are portable, go together quickly, and, I find, relaxing.

Stay tuned for more advent calendar ornaments and Happy Stitching!


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