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The Farm Animals Baby Quilt is nearing completion. I hadn’t worked on it for awhile, but finished up the last three blocks with blanket stitching on Thursday. Then, I spent the week-end stitching together the scrappy 9-patch blocks.

Since the blocks are scrappy, there was no quick piecing. I started with 162 blocks, 2-1/2 inches square. The fabrics were all used in the farm animal and heart blocks.

Scrappy squares2

Then, I stitched the squares together following typical piecing for 9-patch blocks.

Stitch squares into rows   Stitch rows in block

I press seams in opposite directions, so that seams nestle together for more accurate piecing.

Press seams in opposite directions

The pattern called for eighteen blocks, that will be six inches finished.

Scrappy 9-patach blocks

Here is a peak at the finished quilt. Scrappy blocks alternate with animal & heart blocks, while the animal blocks alternate in rows with heart blocks.

Farm Animal Quilt Layout

Now, I just need to get the blocks sewn together and add the border. My younger sister will do the quilting. It will have it’s final home at my niece’s house, where baby Charity was born a few weeks ago.



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