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Another member and I are in charge of making a raffle quilt for our guild quilt show. We decided on a simple pattern – nine patch – and had guild members provide the blocks. The fabric colors are brights that read like a solid. Members also provided a scrap of fabric from their blocks to use in the applique borders. I created the border design of bluebirds, flowers, and hearts that was discussed in my other blog postings. Several members of our Applique Club volunteered to create the quilt borders. Last Tuesday, we got together to put the borders onto the quilt. My guild friend had arranged all the blocks and stitched them together. The Applique Club members brought the finished borders. Here is how it turned out at the end of the day.

Raffle Quilt on floor

I’m excited to see the finished quilt. Another member of the guild will quilt the finished top. There will be lots of room for quilting designs in the alternating blocks and the border. The quilt will be raffled off at our Spring quilt show in March 2014.



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